I give to support the long-term future of MPPC and other Christian organizations.

Christ-Centered Ministries and Missions

COPF enables Christ-centered ministries and missions to benefit from its strategic investments and gifts outside of supported organizations operating budgets.

COPF also maintains Support Funds that augment supported organizations operating budgets in the areas of Children's Ministries and Missions. In addition, COPF provides property acquisition, improvement and long-term management expertise. It also manages charitable remainder unitrusts providing for remainder gifts to one or more supported organzations.

Supported Christ-centered ministries and missions include Menlo Park Presbyterian Church, Oak Grove Church, Fuller Seminary, Bayshore Christian Ministries, City Team Ministries, Young Life, and Partners International.

Graduate Preaching Fellowships

Each year, COPF supports the work of Fuller Seminary, Luther Seminary, and Gordon-Conwell Seminary by awarding fellowships that enable four seminary graduates to study abroad for one year to develop their teaching skills. These fellowships have been found to impact both the recipients and the other seminary students.

“It is hard to describe the impact that these awards have on campus among students. These preaching fellowships have become an extremely important means of lifting up the centrality and importance of preaching within a congregation.”
President of Luther Seminary

Other Ministries

In 2009, COPF served as the vehicle for a bequest to programs addressing the foreclosure crisis in East Palo Alto.

In the past, COPF has also provided substantial grants to Fuller Seminary and The Mount Hermon Association.